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Thursday, 16 July 2015

Summer Music

One of my favorite things to do is listen to live music outside. There's just something about the warm breeze, starry, nights, acoustic guitars, and musicians that are eargasmic. Chicago has amazing venues, summer concerts, and festivals that appeal to all flavors of music lovers.

My ultimate-favorite-numero-uno-best-band-ever MUMFORD & SONS came to Chicago and it was the best night of  my life.

As part of their Wilder Mind / Gentlemen of the Road tour, Mumford & Sons along with The Macabees stopped in Chicago and played an unforgettable set at Montrose Beach Cricket Hill. Originally scheduled for Wednesday, June 17, 2015 but due to our unseasonably cold and stormy weather the show was postponed to Friday. (I was happy about the news because then I didn't feel so bad about the few extra beers I drank.)  

In true Chicago form, the night was a bit windy and chilly near the lake, but the boys on stage were a sight for sore eyes. They played songs from all three albums, and we sang, we danced, and we drank in their musical spirits. Mumford & Sons has a way of connecting with the music and the crowd on such a personal level because their lyrics are like nothing else. And if it's even possible, I believe they sounded better live than on record. I've I had all the marbles in the world, I would whip out my best Penny Lane attire and follow their tour around the world.

This was my first time at Pitchfork and honestly I only new a hand full of songs across all of the bands but it was still one hell of a time. I went with a new friend and we spent the entire Friday set together. (I only had a one day pass.)

It was an extremely hot July day in Chicago and we were away from the lake, so not much breeze. But...luckily PF provided lots of cool brews and the lines were never long. 

There's just something about must festivals and soulful people that make these events so magical. The spirit from the artists and the genuine love for music from the audience simply resonates within creating the happiest, at ease feeling in the world. 

Friday night featured Mac Demarco, Chvrches, Panda Pear, and our very own hometown glory, Wilco. Mac Demarco gave a great performance and really engaged the crowd but Chvrches was my favorite performance of the night. The lead singer is a bad ass bitch and she totally rocked it out on stage. If you haven't already jump on that bandwagon. This electric-pop trio from Glasgow is super fun and very energetic. I recommend listening to 'recover.'

The main event of the night, Wilco, was, in my opinion, a little underwhelming. They certainly know how to jam and played some classic hits, but they lost me a bit in the middle. That same day, July 17, they dropped a new album, Star Wars, which I hadn't had the opportunity to listen to, and they performed several songs from that. However, they are a favorite of mine and I will always love them.

So I thank my friend for inviting to my first Pitchfork experience. And if you are looking for a jamsesh with some super chill and funky individuals make it there next year. 


Three days. Countless beers. And a helluva time.

I arrived on Friday, July 30 at 4:20 pm just in time for my favorite man, J Tillman of Father John Misty. His eclectic, folky, rock music with witty and satirical love songs from I Love You, Honeybear, fill my heart with joy and laughter. Not to mention his commentary between songs kept the crowd on its toes. 

Friday was by-far the busiest day for me. With bands like: The War on Drugs, Cold War Kids, Broods, BORNS,   Kaskade ALABAMA SHAKES, and Paul McCartney we were racing from stage to stage trying to get a taste of everyone. 

Let me tell you about Alabama Shakes. That was probably one of my favorite moments all weekend. You could literally feel Brittany Howard's voice pouring out of your chest. It was simply amazing, heartfelt, powerful, and alive.