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Saturday, 23 May 2015

Palm Springs, CA

Last week, I went on my first ever business trip! I only started working at my new job two weeks ago and they needed some extra hands on deck. Extremely nervous and excited, I packed my bags, laptop, binder and as many notes as I could muster to prepare for the conference. 

Since it was a last minute booking and direct flights to Palm Springs are minimal...I scored a FIRST CLASS seat! It was surprisingly cheaper than economy seats. I flet like a high roller-princess-travel guru-mile higher all in one. I flew American Airlines and the service was phenomenal. 

When I arrived in Palm Springs, I went directly to the hotel, the Renaissance. The hotel staff was delightful, welcoming and very accommodating. Again, since it was a last minute booking, I scored a SUITE. Obviously, the room was much too big for just me, myself, and I but it sure made me feel special! My balcony view faced the large pool deck area, AND THE MOUNTAINS! What a sight for sore eyes. Each morning I woke up at 5 am opened my balcony doors, played soothing music, sipped my coffee and watched the sun rise from behind me and shine down on the mountains. I think that fueled my fire and gave me the positive energy for a long day of conferences. 

The conference was a hit, the staff and I had an amazing time! I got to meet people that I've only corresponded with via e-mail, and pretty important scientists and experts in the field. 

Luckily, the Renaissance Hotel is in walking distance to the "down town" area, so after a few cocktails on the pool deck, we walked downtown. We wined and dined at Sammy G's Italian Restaurant. It had live music and offered in door and out door dining experience. Plus an array of vegetarian options. :)

Below is a panoramic view from the balcony of my hotel room at sunset.

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