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Thursday, 7 May 2015

Chicago Segway Tours

This post is way past due but it was totally awesome that I must share it and it must be my first Chicago post.

Almost one year ago, my family and I decided that Father's day was going to be an adventure. My mom suggested that we go on a Segway Tour. So excited and eager to learn moves like Paul Blart, I immediately found the tour guide, booked our tickets for the Lake Shore Drive tour and off we went! (FYI these tours can be a little pricey but there are lots of "groupon" like deals you can find on the internet for reduced prices/packages!). 

Our tour was set for 2pm at Navy Pier. We decided to get there early and have lunch on the pier. We chose to eat at Harry Carry's Tavern. I wish I had a picture of my Fish Tacos because they were BOMB! I highly recommend.

We met our tour guide and they give a brief overview and precautionary details about riding a segway through the streets. Then, once we were assigned a guide, we made our way to the park and had a private tutoring session on how to properly ride a segway. It is very easy to drive a segway and is really appropriate for all ages (but check the website for children under 14!). Once we were qualified to drive the seaways our tour guide (and I'm sorry I can't remember his name, but he was super cool and from Denver, CO.). We began by going under Wacker and onto the walking/bike patch towards Soldier Field. 

We took various stops by the marina, Buckingham fountain, and the museums. At each stop, our fun and groovy tour guide gave us a bit of history on the landmarks and some of the skyscrapers. It was very cool and educational!

The tour took about 1 hour and was well worth our money, plus the whole family got to spend a wonderful day outdoors in Chicago! 

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