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Tuesday, 14 April 2015

Florida Road Trip

Since I'm back in the States and jobless,  I decided to join my sister on her spring break! We took a road trip from Martin, TN to Florida.

I rented a car, packed my backpack and a bag full of snacks, put in a full tank of gas, and hit the road! Leaving behind the FRIGID Chicago weather and heading SOUTH. My sister and her roommate live in Martin, TN, which is exactly half way to Florida. I drove 7 hours to Martin and then another 7 hours to Pensacola, FL.

Unfortunately, it was the first week of March and the weather was unseasonably cold. Pensacola was just barely over 55* with patchy sunlight. However, we made the most of it. Pensacola Beach is filled with wonderful restaurants all beach front. We spent our days laying n the beach in shorts and sweaters, reading books, and squigging our toes in the sand. Ate lunch on the heated beach patios, and ate amazing seafood. (Huge fan of fish tacos!)

But since this is spring break and we were in desperate need of sunlight and suntans, we decided to drive an extra 6 hours to Clearwater Beach, FL where the sun was hot and the temperate was 88*. This was the best decision we made all trip and well worth the extra driving hours.

Don't get me wrong, Pensacola Beach was beautiful but Clearwater Beach was GORGEOUS. White sand beaches and legitimate clear water, I understand why so many people vacation there.

We stayed at a hotel in-between Clearwater Beach and Tampa, FL, which made it easy to commute to different restaurants!

I do regret to admit that the three of us girls managed to get VERY SUNBURNT! Our bodies were clearly not prepared for the Florida sun. So please, do not make our mistake and use plenty of SPF.

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