"To the end's of the earth will you follow me?"


Tuesday, 30 December 2014

My Promise(s)

Over the past few months and years even,  I've learned the differences in the world, the haves and have nots, the societal restraints and the boxes in which we are meant to confine in. I realized that this is not a life I want. I want to feel alive, strong, and independent not confined by gender stereotypes or roles in which I'm supposed to be fulfilling because society says so. So instead of setting resolutions I made promises.

1. I promise to smell the roses. To savor every moment. To remember how I feel, now, today because life is pretty great.

2. I promise to always and unapologetically be myself because there is never any reason to be anyone other than me.

3. I promise to always speak my mind and be honest with myself, make decisions for me and not for anyone else. I promise not to apologize for how I feel, what I believe in, and what I stand up for. I promise to be unapologetic about my feelings, to cry my eyes out, to laugh until my stomach aches, and to smile every goddamn day.

4. I promise to make mistakes and a whole lot of 'em. I promise not to scare so easily, take risks and push my limits and fears. I promise to change my mind a million times, go down the wrong path, loose myself, and never play it safe.

5. I promise to live with grace and always forgive myself and others. Not to punish myself for my mistakes and bad decisions. I promise to forgive and forget, allow past lovers and friends happiness and move forward.

6. I promise to date the Wrong Guy, the Mr. Right Now Guy, the he's-super-cute-but-we-have-nothing-in-common guy, the he's-so-not-into-me guy, guys who give me butterflies and probably guys who make me cry. But mostly, I promise to ditch all the wrong guys and date the Right Guy, and never, ever confuse the guy who loves my body and the guy who loves my mind, but cherish the man who loves both equally.

7. I promise to continue learning, growing, and educating myself with music, literature, movies, love, language and culture. I promise to chase my dreams and never settle for less than what I know or deserve.

8. I promise to pay it forward and give back to those people before me, after me, and all around me. Not to fight back but fight harder for the people I love and for this precious earth.

9. I promise to drink to much whiskey, dance until my toes bleed, sleep in late and often, sing too loud, eat too many peanut m&m's, consume too much coffee, binge watch Netflix and not feel sorry about it.

10. I promise to dress how I feel, wear too-high heels and that little black dress, and not feel ashamed or mistake my femininity for sluttiness. I promise to appreciate my body and these curves.

11. I promise to keep making plans, for today, tomorrow, next week, next month, next year. I promise to always want more and always reach for exciting and better things than today.

12. I promise to be patient and not stress the little or big things in life. I promise to understand this journey, this place, this time, and the people in my life as a whole.

13. I promise to love, every day. I promise to fall head-over-heals in love, to be fully and passionately in love, to express my love, even if it's the single most terrifying act we do. I promise to equally give and receive love. I promise to tell my family and friends I love them all the time.

Happy New Year!


Monday, 15 December 2014

First Couple Weeks in Melbourne

If you could see my now I'd be jumping for joy because that is how Melbourne makes me feel!

We started off with a bang!

We arrived on Thanksgiving, which of course doesn't exist here. We were picked up by a friend of mine, Paul McMahon, and stayed with his family for a long weekend. They are American-Australian and we got to celebrate a beautiful, sunny, Thanksgiving with them. They have a wonderful tradition - each year one of their kids gets to choose the guest list. The table consisted of 3 Australian families, the McMahons, and the 3 random American girls. It was awesome.

We helped prepare pies, appetisers, and traditional Thanksgiving dishes. We shared stories and expanded our circle of influences, friends, and family.

Julie and Paul gave us lots of pointers and showed us around Melbourne a bit. We are so thankful they opened their home to us! 

On our third day in Melbourne, we rented a car, picked up our friend, who happened to be in the city at the same time, and took a road trip to The Great Ocean Road. Holy schnikes it was beautiful and probably the best day we've had in Australia! The company, music, and view was wonderful. And since I'm most likely to get car sick, I got all the front row action! (Proud to admit no sickness occurred!) 

Along the way we stopped at Bells Beach, or surfers paradise, and watched all the hunky men catch some waves. I can't decide if I was more impressed with the surfing or their bodies and sexy man buns ...oops.

Continuing down the winding, scenic road with the ocean on the left and wildlife on the right, we finally made it to the 12 Apostles, which is now only 11 since one collapsed. These giant rock formations stick out in the middle of the ocean creating the most beautiful, and breath taking views. We walked down the famous Gibson Steps, 86 steps total, to the beach. I was gently tackled by the waves. 

On our way back we stopped at the cutest little beach town, Lorne, grabbed some food and soaked up the sun.

When we got back to Melbourne, we went to St. Kilda to visit the ferry penguins. I was actually shocked how many there were and how close to you they come! Plus, their adorableness just makes you all warm n' fuzzy inside!

We decided that day that Melbourne was the best decision we've made yet.

Since then, we've been living with a woman who runs her own business, The Difference Global. And based on our personal skill set and education, we are helping her in all different aspects: filming, writing, editing, web developing, and brand communication. 

Kayce and I picked up an additional holiday job - the Reindeer People. We sell reindeer antlers to raise money for the Children's Cancer Institute. It's fun; we dance and kindly harass people on the street for money.

It seems like everyday we find something new in the city. We've wandered around finding awesome street art, amazing shopping, and the cutest outdoor restaurants. Melbourne is known for it's coffee and trust me, it satisfies every caffeine desire, want, lust, and need. There are a handful of Starbucks in the city but no one goes there. It's all about the locally sourced shop or stand. 

This is the first time I've felt at home since living in Australia. Melbourne is definitely a city I could live in and I'm so happy to be visiting! 


Saturday, 6 December 2014

10 Things You Learn While Working in Hospitality

1. Travel Stories - Some of my favorite memories were sitting in the kitchen, lounge, or by the fire listening to men and women of all different ages and backgrounds share their love for wanderlust.
2. You learn to take everything with a grain of salt. You can't please everyone, and you can't let one bad customer ruin your day.
3. You learn valuable customer service skills, and the power of a smile. 
4. Treat others the way you want to be treated. You can tell a lot about a persons' character by how they treat their inferiors. And trust me, in the hospitality industry, we've seen it all.
5. Don't kill the messenger. We don't make the rules; we just enforce them! And, no, I can't make exceptions just for you.
6. Cleanliness counts. Yes, I am a maid. No, I'm not a personal hand wiper.
7. Some people zig while you zag. But we learn to accept others because hey, we're all humans.
8. You appreciate the little things like air conditioning, free wifi, free towels... you catch my drift.
9. It's super rewarding when someone on TripAdvisor comments on your services.
10. You make new friends and connections with people from all over the world. And that my friends makes it all worthwhile.